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tennis trading - entry points.

Posted by matchbettingforfree on March 13, 2016 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Tennis trading.


This info has been around for around 10 years now, and is still regarding as giving traders a little edge.


First of all - I highly recommend using a ''trading bot'' for any sort

of trading.

I have used most of them during the past 14 years, and found that

Fairbot is by far the best, and easiest to use.

Can download fairbot from here........



I use it for all my trading without exception, and use it for most of my

regular punting too!


There are many strategies for tennis trading. Some successful. Some

dangerous. Some disatrous.


Probably the most popular way is for people to watch the game live and

simply place back and lay bets when you see a point being won. This was

ok - but on many occasions your bet or lay would not get matched, simply

because of the speed the market moves in tennis.

OK - no harm done - just cancel the bet. But no profit (or loss).


Because of the slight delay for television ''live'' streams, this

strategy is not great. You really need to be either at the match itself,

or using a live stream live bet365 which is probably the fastest stream

you will get online for live sports.


You can, when using this strategy, try and anticipate which way the next

point is going to go - but if you get this wrong, you will lose. Also

many others are trying to do this also, and the ''big boys'' will

sometimes put in large amounts of money into the market. This can give a

slightly false looking market for a few seconds. Dont jump in just

because you see a large amount of money suddenly appear. Trying to

follow the score just by watching the price will not work.


As with all trading - you need to do some research.

Find out which players are strong servers - strong receivers - find as

much info as you can about both players in a match.

This site is as good as any for those sort of stats............

Once you have found the stats you need for a specific match, you then

need a plan - and stick to it.


You need to find entry points which will minimise your losses.


The following is a rough guide to good entry points - and have been

regarded by many tennis traders for many years now as giving you a bit

of an edge. I have used 2 or 3 of these entry points for around 14

years, and added to them as the years go on.


For the following entry points, you dont want a match where the

favourite is below 1.3 or 1.35.


I only do these in the FIRST set. I dont trade a match after the first

set is finished.



0 - 0 ........decent time to lay the server - especially if he or she is

not a strong server. Should the server win the first point, there will

be a movement of 3, maybe 4, ticks against you. However should the

server lose the first point, the movement should be around 6 ticks in

your favour. Womens events, where breaks of serve are more frequent,

this strategy will work in your favour a high percentage of times.


15 - love ....... do nothing.


love - 15 nothing


30 - love........ mens events - back the server. Womens events lay the

server. If the server wins this point and it

goes 40 - 0, there will be very little movement. However if it goes 30 -

15, there will be movement in your favour.


40 - love .......... do nothing.


love - 40. Lay the server. if it then goes 15 - 14, scratch out for

minimal loss.


15 - 15.......... Lay the server. If the receiver wins this point, you

should get around 5 ticks in your favour. If the server wins this point,

there will be a minimal movement against you. If it does go to 15 - 30,

you will have the choice whether to take the profit, or let it go for a

further point. Then if it goes 30 - 30, you can scratch your bet for

zero or minimal loss. However if it goes 15 - 40, you will get an extra

few ticks in your favour, and a handy bit of profit - good time to green up.


30 - 15...........mens tennis - back the server. Womens tennis - lay the



30 - 30..........lay the server


15 - 30..........lay the server.


40 - nothing.


40 - 30...............Some people like to lay the server at this point.

Am not too sure, and i tend to do nothing. nothing.


Do not be afraid to take a small loss if a point goes against you.

Overall, you should be in profit if you use the above entry points.


I recommend using 5% of your betting bank per trade.

Whatever you do - do not bet more than you are prepared to lose.


Trading CAN go against you - and you will not profit from every trade.

This is just a fact.







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